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Case studies

Learn more about some of our client engagements

  • How we helped optimize cost of training in submarines

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  • How we helped improve safety awareness and reduce risk in mines around the globe.

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Learn more about the effectiveness of experiential learning

  • When Expertise Fails
    When Expertise Fails

    Designing for high-uncertainty decision making in Virtual Worlds (presented at I/ITSEC 2018)

  • The Experiential Age
    The Experiential Age

    Key takeaways for the coming revolution

  • Narrative Transportation
    Narrative Transportation

    How Virtual Reality helps eradicate organizational dysfunctions

  • Illusion of Knowledge
    Illusion of Knowledge

    Why experienced workers can make bad decisions

  • Accelerating Expertise
    Accelerating Expertise

    Accelerating time to proficiency in volatile work environments


Dive deeper into the value of cognitive science and accelerated expertise

The Journey to ZERO: Mining should be a 0 fatality industry

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Why smart people make bad decisions

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