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Optimising Human Decision Making
in Complex Environments

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Viion has streamlined the process of creating virtual world environments to deliver effective learning and training experiences.

How we do this

Deep LX Design

Three Pillars
  • immerseimmerse
    Experiential Learning

    Experiencing the consequences of actions in immersive enviroments deepens retention.

  • accelerateaccelerate
    Accelerated Expertise

    Accelerating exposure to complex events helps develop expertise more rapidly.

  • discoverdiscover
    Guided Discovery

    Discovering solutions rather than relying on predermined outcomes increases engagement.


Unlock Full Learning Potential

  • Leveraging the latest insights from cognitive science, we help you tap into hidden sources of productivity and risk reduction.
  • Connect actions to consequences
  • Lower skill fade
  • Enhance knowledge acquisition
  • Increase visibility into common mistakes
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Reduce Resources, Increase Effectiveness

  • Save costs and streamline training resources, while increasing efficiency and safe behaviors.
  • Reduce your training burden
  • Standardize distributed operations
  • Strengthen team coordination
  • Accelerate time to proficiency
What people say about us
  • Focusing on the operational outcomes has forged a new path. Working with Viion we have been able to evolve the training solutions to target specific individual and collective benefits and therefore improve the key unit capability, people.

    Cdr Paul Appelquist
    Royal Navy (Rtd)
  • Over a number of years we have worked with the Viion team delivering against detailed requirements. Working with Viion has allowed us to fully engage the customer, ensuring training requirements drive any need for technology rather than letting technology constrain any learning outcome.

    Christopher Clift
    Training Capability Director, Babcock International
  • The Viion Virtual World approach has provided our specialised teams with a profoundly different learning experience that has shifted mindsets. Experiential learning in the virtual world, as conducted by Viion, represents a fundamental shift in our training space

    Dr. Jon Andrews
    Head of Safety Impala Platinum

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Learn more about our suite of immersive technologies and the science behind our methods

How we helped optimize cost of training in submarines

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How we helped improve safety awareness and reduce risk in mines around the globe.

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5 myths that every high performing organization should examine

  • #01
    Expertise takes a long time to develop

    Our accelerated expertise model helps reduce the time it takes to achieve proficiency.

  • #02
    High training costs are inevitable

    Viion Worlds help reduce costs and delivery resources needed.

  • #03
    Better policies and technology will eliminate the need for us to understand human behavior

    Despite important technological and policy innovations, the human factor will always remain a critical training need for organizations.

  • #04
    Human behavior is fundamentally unpredictable

    Cutting edge advances in cognitive science provide unprecedented insights into the human brain and behavior.

  • #05
    Following procedures is all I need for an effective workforce

    The most effective workforces are able to adapt to new conditions that require deep understanding, not just knowledge of procedures and protocol.

  • #06
    The major innovations in training have already happened

    We are only at the beginning of an enormous overhaul in how we train and develop our workforces using multiplayer Virtual Worlds.

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